to share Cometa’s mission

What happens outside, changes us inside.

The outside world and the quality of life have a fundamental influence on everyone’s growth, perspectives and career.

These are the pillars on which Cometa is founded.

The foundation contributes to the development of youths, young adults and families by offering them development opportunities and instruction in the hospitality sector. The goal is to develop practical skill-sets that facilitate integration in the job market.

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The main message of this campaign is ‘What happens outside, changes us inside.’

Produced by Indiana Production, this short movie is inspired by the love/hate metaphor, which is tied to Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto’s studies conducted during the 80s and 90s.

His theory on ’water’s memory’ brought him to photograph the crystals that compose water. This structure, according to Emoto, can be altered both positively and negatively if exposed to external stimuli like individual actions, or even music.

This concept, since the human organism consists mainly of water, has been creatively translated to communicate Cometa’s mission.

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