Define the musical evolution of a platform that is focused on generations and ideas cross-pollination.

Music becomes the beat of Lavazza's sustainability initiatives.

“Blend for Better” is the brand of the Lavazza Group that encapsulates its projects and commitment to sustainability worldwide.

The aim was to raise awareness about their 19 sustainability initiatives, each of which varies significantly, and to engage with a young and emerging audience.

strumenti the blended orchestra lavazza
still the blended orchestra lavazza

"The Blended Orchestra"

To expand Lavazza’s storytelling and connect with a new audience, Epik Johannes proposed a campaign and a new format in the form of an unusual musical collaboration, The Blended Orchestra.

The project was led by the esteemed composer Vittorio Cosma and the producer and beat-maker Mace. The Blended Orchestra used raw materials from nature to create unique instruments and perform the sound of sustainability. Each invented instrument was inspired by one of their foundation’s sustainable projects worldwide.

The result was a filmed musical performance, a unique song, and an audio sample pack composed of elements that allowed composers and producers to continue the story.

The media came to life through audio, video, social media, and major news channels.


  • Over 2.2 million video views
  • Press conference event and PR services in major publications
  • Positive brand sentiment change
  • Ongoing format for Lavazza
kv the blended orchestra lavazza
mace the blended orchestra lavazza
orchestra the blended orchestra lavazza