Make all of Italy dance with Lotteria Italia.

We made Italy dance with Raffaella Carrà’s music.

Epik-Johannes presents Ballo Bello Tour, Lotteria Italia’s new campaign that makes everyone dance on one of the most iconic tunes from Raffaella Carrà.

lotteria italia mettiti in ballo ballo bello tour

We went all over Italy to shoot this commercial. Traveling from North to South, we represented our country through more than 40 locations and a huge number of people dancing with us.

The choice of ‘Ballo ballo’ as the soundtrack is a tribute to Raffaella Carrà, because she’s a symbol of modernity, breaking taboos and embracing diversity long before it became a trend. But also because she’s been an iconic figure for the National Lottery.

With this ad, we want to celebrate and thank her: even though she’s no longer with us, her music still manages to unite us and make us feel closer to each other.

ballo bello lotteria italia
ballo bello lotteria italia