To tell the story of an Italian company that conquered the world through production values and a constant research, development and innovation.

Innovation is like love, it always triumphs.

A short movie inspired by the life of Ugo Mutti, the inventor of the concentrated tomato tube. The film went on air in exclusive on Canale 5 on Tuesday, March 1st at 8:35pm, just before the Coppa Italia semifinal match between Inter and Milan.

‘Ugo, the story of a little, big idea’ is the title of the communication project created by Epic-Johannes, produced by Indiana Production and directed by Stefano Lodovichi for Mutti, the European leader company in the premium tomato market.

Ugo Mutti
invenzione del tubetto ugo mutti


The short movie, produced by Indiana Production and directed by Stefano Lodovichi, revolves around innovation and in particular around the launch of the concentrated tomato squeeze tube in the 50s.

The time span of the story goes from the first years of the XXth century to 1951 and sees Ugo Mutti as the young protagonist. Ugo wants to surprise Adele, a young girl whose family manages a restaurant in Basilicanova, in the Parma province. In this context, perseverance intertwined with genius represent a celebration of the project’s main message: innovation is like love, if you persevere, you win.

To make the message universal, we used the strategic lever of a kids’ fairytale and a young love.

The story of little Ugo, who tries to invent something to capture Adele’s smile and make her life easier while she’s helping her family in the kitchen, is at the heart of the innovative process.

The impact of the campaign has been significant, with over 4.6M views during prime time on tv, a press conference/event which generated mentions and articles on the main national newspapers, and an X’s top 10 trends presence which overtook even the Ukraine crisis discussions. The project contributed to a significant improvement in the sentiment towards the brand.

kv ugo storia di una piccola grande idea mutti